Q.1. How can I Join in Join Classified?

Answer : It is very easy way to join in Join Classified. Just click the join button at the top of the page and fill up the form with details.

Q.2. How can I Sign Up in Join Classified?

Answer : Are you a New User? Go to the Sign Up button at the top of the page and click the New User button. Just fill up the form with correct details

Q.3. How can I login?

Answer : There are 3 ways to Login in Join Classified. First you can login using the login form after clicking login button or using your Facebook and Gmail account.

Q.4. How many accounts can I have?

Answer : You can have only one account from one email and mobile number.

Q.5. Is posting the advertisement free of cost?

Answer : Yes, the posting of advertisement is free of cost. But if you want to show your advertisement in public or live, then you will pay for it.

Q.6. What if I made the payment but it is not published?

Answer : We 100% guarantee that your product will be published within 24 hours if it is legal and in line with our policy. However, in case the product fails to pass the review, we will not refund your money.

Q.7. Is product browsing free of cost?

Answer : Yes, product browsing is free of cost. There will be no any charges for this service. You don't have to pay even a penny to us service on the “JOIN Classified”. You have to pay for the price only for the web page promotion.

Q.8. Do I need to be a member for advertise/Business Page browsing?

Answer : No, you don't need to be a member for browsing any products.